Hummer Tank can feed a person for a year

General News Alternate Fuels as an Investment   Jim Letourneau ( )  is a Calgary newsletter publisher on oil and gas energy for Tom Allen's Howe Street Media (  Jim was telling the world to buy Uranium a couple of years ago at $12.00 and it is now over $75.00, so he does not just stick to oil and gas.    I asked him about ethanol and he made the statement that you could feed a person for a year with the amount of corn it would take to make enough ethanol to fill a Hummer..  This was his follow-up to that statement.     It goes along with my look at 'on board' hydrogen generators for your car, another intersting idea you can see at (  or )
david ingram
Jim Letourneau, P.Geol. wrote: David:

Thanks again for the fun interview at the Vancouver Cambridge House
show. I couldn't remember Lester Brown as the source of the "feed a
person for a year or fill up a Hummer" anecdote.

Of course maybe he made that up so I did some quick research:

How much corn is needed to make ethanol?
For every one bushel of corn, approximately 2.7 - 2.8 gallons of
ethanol is produced.

The Hummer HI has a 53 gallon tank which means that 19.27 bushels of
corn are used to fill the tank at 2.75 gallons/bushel.

Corn can weigh anywhere from 45-70+lbs/bushel. Using 56 lb/bushel
( leads to 1079
lbs of corn being used to fill a hummer tank.

An ear of corn weighs anywhere from 5.4-9.6 oz. so if we use an 8oz
ear of corn we get 2158 ears of corn. That would give a corn eater 5.9
ears a day to live on.

There is certainly room for tinkering with these numbers but I think
the numbers make sense.

take care,


david ingram replies

I looked up a couple of sites as well because of your comment and found a dozen references with different quotes, most of which seemed to think that a 25 gallon fill up would feed a person for a year.




and this letter re the Brazil story.  The writer suggests that 10% of brazil's actual energy comes from ethanol while CNN's report suggested that 50% came from ethanol and some reports were suggesting 100%.

I have been running all our cars on MOHAWK 10% ethanol for four years now.and wonder if that is really the way to go now.

It takes 1.56 litres of ethanol for the power of 1 litre of gas and I notice that my old caddys get 5 km a litre with the ethanol blend and 6 with straight shell gas.  HMMMM?!

It is all something to think about.