PART II - Canadian mother's son wants Canadian

D.B. sends on this addendum to my original message.
Actually, you're talking about two different things.  The writer is asking
about an application for a Certificate of Canadian Citizenship that is
processed at Sydney, Nova Scotia, not at the consulate.  The consulate
simply takes the application, looks it over to make sure it is complete, and
sends it on to Sydney.  CIC in Sydney then applies the citizenship rules
that were in effect at the time, to make sure the person hasn't lost his/her
citizenship, which mainly occurred when a person (or his/her Canadian
parent) took another citizenship before 1977.  The process is very slow,
taking at least one year, so the 3 to 6 month estimate originally given was
overly optimistic.  Yes, there is a huge backlog at immigration processing
centers, but that isn't what is holding up this citizenship application.
>My son applied for Canadian citizenship  in May of last year.He applied at
>the new york consulate in New York city. They told him it will take him
>from three to six months. His mother is a Canadian living in the US with a
>green card . The consular agent can't say how long it will take . After
>numerous phone calls they finaly told him that they need his mothers
>parents US citizen papers proving that they became US citizen's after 1977.
>The question is why isthis taking so long and why can't my son contact the
>Nova Scotia processing center by phone or email. The only way hegot any
>response from the consulate is by constantly badgering them this seems a
>bit rediculous.
>david ingram replies:
>The answer is simple.  The three to six months time was limit was a
>reasonable projection at the time.
>Then, In June last year, The Supreme Court of Canada reinstated some
>300,000 applications which had been turned down under a different set of
>NO extra staff were added.
>In addition another 800,000 people lined up to get a new PR (permanent
>resident) card LATE.  The announcement had been out for three years that
>the deadline was Jan 1, 2004.  However, almost everyone waited to the last
>minute and it totally wrecked the system because every application seemed
>to take two times as long as they were expected to.
>I make my living filling out forms and almost every one I did  came back at
>least once for something that I considered silly but the CIC considered
>very important.
>An example is their request for details of your son's grandparents' US
>Naturalization and is explained by another Q & A you should have received
>before this one.
>Therefore, the net result was that every  other application was shoved back
>another year or more.
>AFor instance, a year ago, we expected new applications through Buffalo to
>take less than a year. Yesterday, Vancouver's dean of Canadian immigration
>Don Cameron (former Canadian Consul in Seattle) notified me that Buffalo's
>processing time is now 20 to 25 months.  Don's email is
> if you wanted to hire him to try and speed up your
>son's application.  He has worked within the system at a very senior level
>and used to write the government's newsletter on the subject.
>Other than that, your son will just have to wait.   Badgering the consulate
>will just slow down everyone's application.  I am actually surprised at how
>fast most of their paperwork is coming back under the adjusted
>Hope the reason helps you understand what is happening.
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