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A virus got out of the system
Someone set themselves up as and sent a virus
post to the
I must be too tired because when I was sending out the one about
the two income family,the virus one was there in tandem and I did
not look carefully enough to see that it was not my posting.
However, my FREE virus checker caught it when it came to my
system and no harm to me.  Judging by the 60 or so automatic
messages I got back from people who had recieved it, I now some
people are looking after them today.
However for the rest of us, go to and download
their free software.  I use it and works fantastically with
automatic updates every time there is a new one found.  I usually
have my update installed automatically before the news hits the
Sorry about sending it out but it did not come from this computer
but was send out over a remote server which I thought - until I
just checked - also had a virus checker on it.
Turns out it does not and I have to be more careful.  Strangely
enough the last time this happened was just about a year ago
today. - different reason - but still happened before.
david ingram
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