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I am answering this after two phone calls in half an hour.  Both were
from people I knew and both involved the necessity to go bankrupt,
something none of us want to do, but something that can be the
salvation of a person, family and marriage.
Remember that I have just come out of a $4,868,000 bankruptcy
involving 1979, 1980, 1981 and 1982 and could have declared bankruptcy
any day of the week for 20 years but didn't.
In fact, I intended to go to my grave owing whatever amount it had
increased to by the time I popped off at 145.
In July 1999, I actually made an appointment with a trustee to talk
about it but "luckily" missed it because of a motorcycle accident that
had me in and out of three hospitals and then in a wheelchair for 3
At any rate, on August 13, 2002 a process server showed up at the
office with the news that I had been put into bankruptcy by the CRA.
As far as I have been able to deduct, at that time I might have become
the first and only person ever put into bankruptcy by the CRA.  No
trustee I met or talked to had ever dealt with one before.
Lot's of people had a tax problem and used bankruptcy as a means of
getting out but I was unable to find anyone else in Canada who knew of
an individual being put into bankruptcy by the CRA.
So, it is fair to say that I did not expect it.
I did something that I considered smart.  I contacted a bankruptcy
trustee (the same one whom I had the appointment booked with in 1999)
and had him meet with myself and my "then" wife and give us the
low-down - the rules as it were.
Remember, this was completely by surprize, neither my wife nor myself
had done any planning for a bankruptcy.
Of course most people have asked friends, looked in the phone book,
and asked around before they pick a trustee to handle "their"
The problem is that the trustee "by Law" is working for the creditors
and they, of course, come ahead of the bankrupt although, in truth,
everyone is to be treated equally according to the law.
I tried to work with the trustee appointed in my bankruptcy but it was
extremely difficult.
Our first meeting started with the trustee coming into the room in his
$1,000 suit and asking me, "aren't you ashamed to be here Mr Ingram?"
Well, I was not ashamed and not embarrassed.  Secretly I was pleased
that it was all coming to a head.
I started off dealing with it myself (after all, I "am" the guy with
all the answers) from Aug 13, 2002 until about August 12, 2003.  Then
I realized that I was going around in circles and started looking for
professional help. TWO trustees recommended one person.  I was given a
reference to Murray Morrison LLB, a lawyer specializing in bankruptcy.
I went out to his office in Surrey and life started becoming better.
I now had an advocate who knew the rules, and could represent "me"
against rattlesnake hall (I mean, the trustee) in the Ivory tower in
downtown Vancouver.
So my recommendation to anyone who is two years of income in debt is
to consider bankruptcy if the debt is killing you.  At least consider
a Proposal which means you pay off "x"pennies on the dollar.
If you are in debt to the CRA for $30,000, you have to earn about
$60,000 and pay $30,000 in tax, EI, CPP and Back and forth to work
expenses to pay the $30,000 and that is without interest.
However, BEFORE you consult a trustee, see someone like Murray
Morrison who is a bankruptcy lawyer who represents "YOU", not your
You can get hold of Murray at (604) 930-9013.  If you do not live in
BC, Murray knows other like minded lawyers in other provinces and can
give you a referral.  He also knows people in a couple of states.
Answers to this and other similar  questions can be obtained free on
Air every Sunday morning.
Every Sunday at 9:00 AM on 600AM in Vancouver, Fred Snyder of Dundee
Wealth Management and I, David Ingram  host a LIVE talk show called
Those outside of the Lower Mainland will be able to listen on the
internet at
Local calls are taken at (604) 280-0600 and Long Distance calls (BC
only) are taken at 1( 866) 778-0600
Callers to the show are invited to attend free seminars on financial
planning with such specialities as deductible mortgage interest. They
are held at Fred Snyder's Office at 1764 West 7th in Vancouver - (604)
731-8900 for more information.
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