Looking to share expenses between Greater Vancouver

I do not usually do this but will send it to the group.  Does anyone want to
share expenses between Seattle and Vancouver / White Rock on a weekly basis?
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I work in the US, near Seattle, and rent a room a 1/2 hour walk from work.
I can walk throughout the week and also get groceries if necessary.
Can you link me up with any Vancouver/Seattle employees so that we can
possibly  share gas?
They can drop me off as I am only 1 mile from the freeway in Mountlake
Terrace, about 12 miles north of Seattle.
Similarly if there is a US female who commutes the other way to Vancouver,
my wife may consider working out a deal to rent a room. My wife is an
excellent cook - 90%+ organic.
Our townhouse is located near White Rock.
Thanks Taxman.
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> QUESTION: My husband and I are both Canadian and my husband was offered a
> position to study to earn a PHD in Hawaii.  I am a teacher and under TN-1
> regulations, they will only grant work visas to teachers at a university,
> college, or seminary.  Is there any way for a regular classroom teacher
> (elementary or high school) to gain a TN-1 Visa??
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> david ingram replies:
> Your husband has picked the hardest place for you to go.  As you have
> out, you can not use a TN visa to teach at a K to 12 school in the US or
> Mexico.  You "can" get a TN (Treaty NAFTA) visa to teach at a Junior
> College, College or University.
> What you need is an H1B visa which allows you to teach at any school.
> However, Hawaii's school system has an absolute ban on hiring any teacher
> who does not already have US residence working credentials.  In no case,
> will a Hawaii public K to 12  school recruit a non-work qualified teacher.
> The reason is simple.  They have no shortage of US teachers wanting to go
> and teach in Paradise.
> However, all is not lost.  The odd charter school or other private school
> has been known to hire a Canadian or British teacher on an H1B visa.
> looking. But, "You" should be prepared to pay the $7,000 to $10,000 legal
> fees that someone will want to process the visa.  Remember, you can NOT
> apply for a visa on your own.  Only the employer can apply for a visa to
> sponsor you but most will not want to pay the fees. AND, you are not
> supposed to pay it.  However, working for $1,000 a month less for 7 months
> would serve the same purpose.
> And, other than being a teacher, you do not have a lot of chance of
> a job on your own in Hawaii.  For either a TN or an H1B, the job should be
> tied to your degree.  Your best bet might to be a private tutor for a
> wealthy family.
> Now, if your husband can arrange to get his PHD in California, California
> set up to bring Canadian teachers in.
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