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If there is one thing I like, it is when someone contributes and adds to an
answer with specifics.  Don Cameron is a former Canadian Consul in Seattle
and was with Canadian Immigration in places like Beijing, Kenya and
Jerusalem.  He wrote the Canadian Immigration's Internal Newsletter for
years.  Don points out the actual sections to use when applying at the
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While not all applicants for Work Permits can apply for them at Ports of
Entry to Canada, those who are entitle to do so are described in the IRPR
"Application on entry
198. (1) Subject to subsection (2), a foreign national may apply for a work
permit when entering Canada if the foreign national is exempt under Division
5 of Part 9 from the requirement to obtain a temporary resident visa.
(2) A foreign national may not apply for a work permit when entering Canada
(a) a determination under section 203 is required, unless
(i) the Department of Human Resources Development has provided an opinion
under paragraph 203(2)(a) in respect of an offer of employment -- other than
seasonal agricultural employment or employment as a live-in caregiver -- to
the foreign national, or
(ii) the foreign national is a national or permanent resident of the United
States or is a resident of Greenland or St. Pierre and Miquelon;
(b) the foreign national does not hold a medical certificate that they are
required to hold under subsection 30(4); or
(c) the foreign national is a participant in an international youth exchange
program, unless they are a national or permanent resident of the United
States or their application for a work permit was approved before their
entry into Canada. SOR/2004-167, s. 54."
When applying at a Port of Entry applicants must be prepared to show
documents establishing that they meet the requirements of the position they
have been offered - such as the education or experience required.  In other
words, the same procedure as if they were applying for entry to the U.S. as
a NAFTA Professional.
Best regards,
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non-resident and cross border returns withrental dividend wages
self-employed and royalty foreign tax credits
> cameron at Please see bottom of message if you wish to > unsubscribe.  If you are new to the list, you were probably added because > you sent a question to taxman at, posted a question online at > or possibly at > ------------------------------------------ > > QUESTION: I have friends from the UK who will have their work permit > papers > approved in Canada and sent to the UK to be processed (takes 6 months). > Somewhere I read that if the papers are already approved in Canada they > can > fly in and have the papers processed upon their arrival instead of having > them processed in the UK before they can leave.  Is there any information > to > support what i read and is there anyone to contact so we can figure out > that > portion of the process??  Thank you. > > -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
> david ingram replies > > I am so busy that I turned your question over to xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx who has > just > graduated as an Immigration Practitioner from UBC (although her licence > has > not come through yet). xxxxxxxx is from the UK and is intending to > specialize > in UK to Canada Immigration. It does not answer your question specifically > because she does not know what level your friends are coming under but > should help. > --------------------- > Her answer > > Depending on the nature of work intended, there are three ways to work > temporarily in Canada: > (a) work which doesn't require a work permit, > (b) a work permit issued after receiving Human Resources and Skills > Development Canada (HRSDC) confirmation, and > (c) a work permit which doesn't require an HRSDC confirmation. > > The process varies for each type and this is where you will have read > differing information. I suggest that the type of work permit desirable > for > a fellow Brit might be one that will give points in a future skilled > worker > application.  A British citizen does NOT require a temporary resident > visa. > > Theoretically they could get on a plane and request a work permit, but > permission is not guaranteed.  Also you can't enter Canada as a visitor > and > then change to a work permit. > > Upon receipt of an acceptance of an offer of employment, an employer > requests HRSDC to approve the job offer by issuing a confirmation letter. > The employer notifies the prospective employee of the receipt of the HRSDC > approval so that the employee may apply for a work permit outside Canada. > If successful the employee will receive a letter of approval. > > The British citizen will come to a port of entry with the letter of > approval > where they will usually issue a Work Permit.  On arrival they must meet > the > following requirements: have a valid passport for the duration of their > intended stay; satisfy required criminal, security and medical checks; > demonstrate enough money to be self-sufficient and satisfy the port of > entry > officer that they will leave Canada at the end of their employment. > > They should bring with them all their documents so far, including the job > offer, their resume (CV), evidence of past relevant employment experience, > HRSDC information etc. > > The risk is that they may arrive at the port of entry expecting to be > issued > with a work permit and be refused.  With legal representation from a > lawyer > or a licensed practitioner a package of all your documents can be > forwarded > to the destination port a couple of weeks ahead of the arrival date.  This > doesn't guarantee the issuance of a Work Permit but it mitigates the risk. > > A work permit usually specifies a particular job and duration.  Spouses > and > common-law partners of temporary skilled workers may apply for a work > permit > without a job offer or HRSDC confirmation.  This is in anticipation of you > making Canada your destination of choice because your partner can work as > well. > > xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx
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