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I apologize for sending this item which has nothing to do with 9 out of ten of the people who receive it.  But judging from the mail I receive, a lot do live in BC,   a lot used to live in BC, and, a lot are intending to move back to BC or just plain move to BC. 
A documentary was broadcast nationally in Canada on Global TV about a friend of mine, Robert Dean, another man, and their attempts to get visitation rights to see their children.  Robert Dean was and is a wonderful caring father.  I will never forget the day he and his daughter 'China' rollerbladed 15 miles to visit me.  Then they left to roller blade back.
When he and his wife separated, the mother refused to let Robert visit his daughter.
The documentary about the situation was called "THE DADS WHO FOUGHT BACK" and you can see more about it at the Global site.
This is a one hour documentary of two dads and their struggle to stay involved in their children's lives after separation.  See what kind of an effect the court system can have on children's future interaction with their dads.
Global TV's website for this documentary is at:
Please take a look at the following and if it meets with your approval, you might want to lend your voice to your BC MLA.   I have sent it to my MLA and a few others I have met or know or who i thionk might [ay attention to something I send.
david ingram

Hey David,
I already wrote myself and I’m asking if you could please do the same. Tomorrow, Friday, April 25, is Parental Alienation Awareness Day. The B.C. government is revising the Family Relations Act (FRA). A Family Outreach Counsellor told me that if Parental Alienation was included and clearly defined in the FRA as a form of Child Abuse children could be properly protected when this type of child abuse is present.
I’ve included a copy of a 1/4 page ad that is going to be run in numerous newspapers across the province.
Again, if you could please at least e-mail your local MLA (he/she can be found at : and let them know you feel the Parental Alienation should be included as a form of Child Abuse in the FRA.
ps If you could ask any friends of yours in BC to also write, it would be appreciated.

April 25th is Parental Alienation Awareness Day

Are you a parent who is being made the enemy of your children?

The BC Ministry of the Attorney General is currently revising the Family Relations Act (FRA). We are concerned that this Ministry is keeping Parental Alienation out of it’s revisions of the FRA!
Parental Alienation needs to be identified as an important factor in divorce, along with specific remedies, in the new FRA. It needs to be defined as a form of family violence and child abuse, which experts say that it is.

Parental Alienation frequently happens during a divorce or separation. It occurs when one parent actively works to align a child by unjustified or exaggerated depreciation of the other parent. This also makes it difficult for grandparents to stay connected to their grandchildren.

For more information about Parental Alienation

visit our websites at and


We are asking concerned parents, counselors ,

psychologists, lawyers and other professionals to

contact the FRA Review Committee and/or your local MLAs

by phone or email immediately and let them know that

you want Parental Alienation recognized within the

new FRA legislation.

The Family Relations Act Review Committee

c/o Civil and Family Law Policy Office

British Columbia Ministry of the Attorney General,

PO Box 9222, Stn Prov Govt Victoria, B.C. V8W 9J1

E-Mail: , Fax 250-387-1189


To contact your local MLA go to


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