Welcome back everybody!



The new address is:

45637 Worthington Pl.

Chilliwack, BC V2R 1N6


In an effort to make the transition as easy as possible both mail and phone forwarding have been placed into effect.  I can also arrange to pickup/dropoff tax materials on a to be scheduled for basis.


It’s that time again…waiting for slips, gathering deductions, sorting through medical bills.

It’s tax time!



 Please refer to our Checklist link on the top left hand corner of our site to get organized for your taxes.


For our Dual Citizens we have a wonderful spreadsheet for your bank account reporting obligations with the addition of a US tab to help make the CRA T-1135 reporting simple. You are going to love it!


Let’s get going!!





*Please call in to see how catching up your*

*late IRS Filings can be made easy*



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