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We are currently living and working here at the US and we are immigrating to Manitoba, Canada. We plan to bring our brand new car and some appliances such as computers, TV, and Home theater systems. Will we be required to pay for taxes in Canada? Or will we even be allowed to bring them? Is it better to sell these items here in the US and just buy a new one in Canada?
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david ingram replies:

If you are coming temporarily, the import of your goods is described in:

Note that your car does NOT have to pass Canadian Motor Vehicle safety Standards (yes - our standards are higher than the USA.) Note that Canadian residents (even your sister) are NOT allowed to use your "stuff" which means that if your car is being driven by your next door neighbour, it can be seized.

If you are immigrating to Canada as your question implies, anything you bring with you should be free of any Canadian Duty and your sister or neighbour CAN drive your car or play with your basketball. An exception might / would be if you had just bought a brand new car within the last six months of moving here in which case they would likely assess Canadian duty as a new item.

In addition, the car has to pass CANADIAN motor vehicle safety standards which involves having a Speedometer with Kilometres, bumpers which will survive a 5 mph crash and no passive seat belt restraints. Check with your manufacturer and get a letter saying it qualifies or telling you what is necessary to qualify it for registration in Canada.

You can find the information on what is called "Settler's Effects" for your computers plants and car at:

The vehicle specifically is dealt with as follows. Note that the "province" may charge a sales tax as well. You are still better off bringing your car with you.


27. There are restrictive importation rules for vehicles such as motor homes, trailers, (including boat trailers), trucks, and cars that are less than 15 years old and for buses manufactured on or after January 1, 1971. Under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), you can import such a vehicle from the United States only if it meets Transport Canada's strict safety and emission standards, or if it can be modified to meet these standards after you import it.

(a) Not all vehicles that are manufactured to meet United States safety standards can be imported into Canada. Before you import your vehicle, you are responsible for determining whether it can be modified to meet the Canadian standards after you import it. You cannot import vehicles that cannot be modified to meet Canadian standards.

(b) For information on importing a vehicle originally manufactured to meet United States safety and emission standards, and on the federal registration fees that apply, call the Registrar of Imported Vehicles at:

(from within Canada or the United States)

(416) 626-1803
(for calls from other countries)

(c) Vehicles less than 15 years old, and buses manufactured on or after January 1, 1971, that were manufactured to meet the safety standards of a country other than the United States or Canada cannot be imported into Canada. Some exceptions apply if they are imported temporarily.

(d) If you are considering importing such a vehicle, contact the following office to determine if it qualifies for importation:

Road Safety and Motor Vehicle Regulation Directorate
Transport Canada
Place de Ville
330 Sparks Street
Ottawa ON K1A 0N5

Telephone: (613) 998-8616
1-800-333-0371 (from within Canada or the U. S.)

(e) Also, before you bring a vehicle into Canada, make sure you check with the customs authority of the country from which you will be exporting the vehicle. Some countries have requirements that you must meet.

Note: Your vehicle may be subject to provincial or territorial sales tax. For more information, contact the department of motor vehicles in the province or territory where you plan to reside.

28. In cases where a vehicle imported by a settler does not qualify for free importation under the provisions of tariff item No. 9807.00.00, but does meet Transport Canada requirements (see paragraph 27), the vehicle may be imported on payment of the applicable duties. Should the importer not wish to pay the applicable duties, the customs inspector will issue Form E29B, Temporary Admission Permit, to allow the importer to proceed only to the destination in Canada with no local use of the vehicle allowed in Canada. The vehicle must leave Canada within 30 days. Refer to Memorandum D2-4-1, Temporary Importation of Conveyances by Residents of Canada.

I started in the tax preparation business at 98 Sherbrook Street in Winnipeg.

You might want to and likely should, send us your tax returns for the year that you move across the border.


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