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Dear Sir;
I have just read your Nov.2001 article of Centa-pede and I am wondering (and hoping) if that info will still work today?
I am just a plain working stiff that has managed to sock a little away in various real estate investments. I have revenue from an industrial property which I own jointly with a partner. He is incorporated I am not. We also own bare water-front land which we have been paying interest on for nine years all the while assuming this interest was deductible. Apparently a costly error.
I don't know if you can help in this particular situation as I understand it could take some time to set up, if at all possible, but I am thinking of my future. I don't expect something for nothing and I would definitely be willing to pay for any help you could provide. I realize that tax time is upon us and you must be busy but any time you may be able to spare would be appreciated.
Yours truly,

david ingram replies:

That is what I do for a living. Would be glad to help. I charge $350 an hour and can usually get it across in about two hours.

The hardest pary to the whole thing is finding a mortgage broker or banker who truly understands how it works and will set it up right.

Joan Marsh at (604) 535-9981 is one person who does understand it.

Glad to see you or we can do a consultation by phone and avoid the trip.


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