Inheritance Question Sterling silver

I would like to know where I can get information on inheritance. I am a US Citizen in Canada for 15 years, a landed immigrant. Specifically, I have inherited a sterling silver tea service (Im not sure of the value, but it is old and expensive) and I want to have it sent to me in Canada. Do you know if there is tax and/or customs and duty on inherited goods?

My second questions is not reality yet but if my mother or sister, both living in the US and US Citizens, pass and I inherit, do you know the tax and/or customs and duty situation on that?

Thanks in advance!

An inheritance from the US is tax free in Canada.

An inherited personal item is also free of PST or GST.

When you bring it to Canada,you need a copy of the will and the death certificate.

You "may" have to fill in a form B at the border if you are bringing it with you.

If it is being shipped, have them quote 9806.00.00.00 as part of the packaging and of course you need that code if you are bringing it back with you.

I could not find a copy of FORM B on the CRA site and it may have been discontinued.



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