Rental condo versus RRSP

My question is: Canadian-specific

QUESTION: I am debating whether to buy a condo for an investment and rent it
out instead of contributing $500.00 per month to an RRsp I was going to buy
a condo for $100,000 and use it as a business with expenses and write offs
and claim it on my personal income tax at the end of the year and also have
the place rented out for $650.00 per month. My mtg would be about $700. per
month and My question is::: as a 10 year plan would I be better off doing
this than buying RRSP for the next 10 years as I can have tax write off's as
well as probable better gains over 10 years with the condo than a safe RRSP
??I currently work making about $80,000 per year and have about $100,000
already in RRSP and am 40 yr old.
david ingram replies:

In my experience, the rental condo would be a better investment over a ten
year period. There is much more time and effort involved but it returns the
larger and surer investment.

Do the math on a spread sheet at different inflation and interest rates.

Remember that both items are at historical highs at the moment so they will
both likely have a short term fall in the interim.