Question about working for US employer from Canada

I want to move from USA to Canada in June end.I am on H1b visa in USA and immigrating to Canada.I want to work for my current US employer from canada(I will work from home).
How do I do this?
How do I handle taxes for US and Canada(I assume that I will pay tax to USA till June 2006 and then canadian tax for July onwards)?
Can I show my apartment rent or part of mortgage amount as business expense as I will be working from



david ingram replies:

Right on -- US until June and Canada following.
If you have a separate room set up for an office, you are entitled to an office in the home which you will find as a form as part of Canadian form T2032.

If you are working in the middle of your living room as i am doing right now and where I work 30% of my time, you can NOT deduct and dual use space. Dual use means that you use it for personal or family purposes as well as business.