Filing in both US and Canada


Can you provide me with a list of accountants that can provide us with both US and Canadian tax filing
Besides me you ask?

Steve Peters - Halifax (902) 492-6011
Gary Gauvin - Dallas, Texas (469) 273-3399
Kevyn Nightingale - Toronto (416) 733-9595
David Holroyd - North Vancouver (604) 980-0321 - my office
Brad Howland - Victoria (250) 598-6258
Len Vandenberg Kelowna (250) 763-7600

I have never met Steve Peters, Kevyn Nightingale or Len Vandenberg. Gary is my old partner in an Ottawa office. I have met Brad once in Victoria. David Holroyd works in my office with Gillian Bryan and George Arora and myself and we all do US Canada tax returns.