Can an American Charity receipt be used as a deduction on a Canadian Return

My question is: Applicable to both US and Canada

QUESTION: Is an american charity tax receipt valid to claim on a canadian tax form? I am giving to a us charity and they are going to issue a tax receipt from the american charity.Can I use this for my charity donation?
Thank you
david ingram replies:

The original answer diappeared from this email.

You can write off a onation to your old 'Alma Mater; whether in Germany, France, Indonesia, of Jamaica and it does nnot matter where the money came from.

For other charities in other countries, you can write off up to 74% of the money you have coming from that country.

So if you have $10,000 of US or New Zealand or Japanese income that you are reporting on your Canadian return, you can donate up to $7,500 as a charitable donation inthat country - $100 would be up to $75.00, etc.

In many cases, there is an equivalent Canadian Charity and you can make a donation to the Canadian Red Cross with instructions that it be sent to the American Red Cross as one example.