Individual taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) W7


My wife is an American citizen and Canadian Permanent Resident and I am a Canadian citizen and we both reside and work in Canada.  My wife has to report annually to the IRS but do I, as her spouse and (I guess) as a non-resident alien) require a Tax ID (requested using form W-7) to be reported on her income tax return?  If so, are there any other obligations I am required to fulfill by having an ITIN, like having to report to the IRS myself?
david ingram replies

This was rejected but while doodling at 1:00 AM and looking at rejected emails, I decided to answer it.

There is no need for you to get an ITIN unless your wife needs you for an exemption which usually only occurs when you sell your house for a big profit.

However, If you do get an ITIN, it does not create any reporting requirement with the IRS unless you do something that needed to be reported whether you have an ITIN or not.  Winnings in Las Vegas or Atlantic City might be one example.

The main reason you likely want an ITIN is to keep peace in the family.  Your wife would be much happier if you had one and she could put it on the tax return and feel just a little more legitimate if you know what I mean.

Says he, the one with six or seven ex-wives.

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