Canadian PR and working on H1B in USA



I became a canadian PR in Nov 2004. I visited canada for 4 days and came back to US to resume my work on H1-B. I have also been filing taxes in canada for consulting work that i do online for a company. My PR card is valid till Nov 30, 2009. My passport has a canadian entry stamp and a US entry stamp for Nov 2004. I would complete 3 years outside of canada in Nov, 2007. I have a secured job in USA and dont wish to quit. I have applied for green card in US but that is is going to take another 4 years. Does filing taxes in canada help in order to maintain PR.

- thanks,

david ingram replies:

I think you already know the answer.

To keep your PR status alive in Canada, you must have been:

1. physically present in Canada for 24 months out of every 60


2. Transferred out of Canada by a Canadian Organization and be working for that organization.


3. Be living outside of Canada with a Canadian citizen spouse.

You are either going to have to quit and move to Canada or forfeit the Caandian status you have.

A lot of people in your position find a job in the Detroit area and live in Windsor and commute to work in the US.