TN visa and other jobs

Hi David,

I am a canadian citizen working in TN visa. Can I take additional jobs?

thank you

david ingram replies:

You can take any number of full or part time jobs with a TN visa BUT BUT BUT, you need a separate visa for each job.

So, if you are an engineer working on the Golden Gate Bridge and you wanted to work as a life guard on weekends, you could not because a life guard does not qualify for a TN visa.  But if you wanted to work as an engineer for another company on the weekend, you could get a separate visa for that.  One person I knew had 8 separate TN visas because he was working as a part-time consultant for eight different companies.  And, in his case, he renewed them four at a time for one fee for all four.

Whatever you do, do NOT work for someone without a visa.  If they do not like you or your work they just have to phone up Homeland Security and say you were working without a visa and you will be arrested, thrown in immigration jail, have to pay $5,000 US as bail to get out and will be deported back to Canda and your existing visa will be cancelled and you will be barred from working there for ten years. �