How does a Canadian Citizen apply for a Green Card?

My husband and I are Canadian Citizens. I recall hearing years ago that we could make an application for a Green Card for a certain fee and that in 10 -15 years, subject to meeting US entry requirements, our "number" would come up. My understanding was that the US will grant so many applications per year to Canadians.

Alternatively, I am self employed, work from home and could operate my business out of a home in the US. I read through your extensive Visa pages (thank you) but did not recall seeing anything that would enable me to start a business in the US, and then live there as a result. In this case, my husband would commute to his job in Canada.

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david ingram replies:

If you had applied 14 or 15 years ago, your number ,might be coming up about now.  There is no guarantee of a time in the future.

E-2 Visa - You can open a business in the US and get an E-2 visa to live and work there.  If you apply on the side for your green card, it might come up in the future.  Goto and read the Jan, 1995 newsletter written by Dennis Olsen (former US consul in Vancouver) about the E2 rules which are essentially the same and maybe a litle easier today.

E-5 Visa - If you have $500,000 US, you can open a busioness in Whatcom County (Bellingham for instance), hire 10 people and get an instant Green card which becomes final in two years if you fulfill all the conditions.

E-5 Visa - With $1,000,000 you can open in LA or San Francisco or New York, etc. and get am instant green card.

GOTO and read the 'Entering the USA'  section in the second box down on the right hand side. �