Moving back to Canada from Korea

David Ingram,
I will be moving back to Canada in October after working for 7 years in Korea.
I will be coming to you to help me with my taxes, and am wondering:
1. Do I need a form from the Korean government related to my residence status?
No - but you should make sure you come back with a record of your earnings and what you paid to the Korean government.
2. My employer wants to know the address to which they should send my income tax record. 
    Should I ask my employer to give me this information, or should I give them your address,
    or the address for Canada Revenue Agency?

Send it to your home addressin Canada if they cannot give it to you before you leave.  The address on the forms should be the Korean Address you were at but it can be mailed to your Canadian address.  If you are not sure, you can have it sent here.
3. Is there anything else I should take care of over here before returning to Canada?
Not that I can think of.  Make sure you make a really good list of anythng you are bringing back with you.  You will need to give it to Canada Customs.

You are welcome