Retirement Planning Consultation?

I'm a US citizen married to a Canadian who is a permanent resident of the US.  We both live & work in the US, and my husband is self-employed.  We intend to retire in Canada.  My husband will inherit an estate in Canada from his parents, and I have US retirement accounts (traditional IRA and 401k and Roth IRA).  I have an inheritance coming soon, and we are wondering what might be the most tax-advantageous way to invest it with an eye toward our eventual Canadian retirement.  Our local CPA suggested we contact a Canadian tax adviser, and I found you through a Google search.

Do you provide consultations of this type, and what would be your fee?  Could we accomplish this by email, with perhaps one or two phone conferences?  I look forward to your reply.  Please reply to both email addresses.  Thank you.

david ingram replies:

I do consult on the items you have mentioned and am happy to deal with the taxation issues with regard to IRA, 401(K) and other retirement accounts.  However, I am not licenced in either country to provide specific advice on specific  shares.  If
 you do want that kind of advice, I can recommend two in the following older q & a.

My pricing is also included further on.  In short, I charge $400.00 Cdn per hour for that type of advice.  It would be unsual to exceed three hours and in general, I do over half in one hour. 

To be up to date about the following Q & A, one reader did email me to say that they dealt with Stansberry (following) and were quite satisfied with their service.  That is out of an estimated 13,000 readers.  However, I have not done any further follow-up about them myself. I have done due dilligence over Dan Walkow and Darrel Thompson before recommending them here.



1. have been trying to find ethical investment firm to go with in Canada and can not seem to get any unbiased answers We live in Red Lake Ontario (landed immigrants), but are also US citizens

2. Is this Stansberry & Associates legit, as they seem to have many different opportunities claiming great returns
Pinchot Retirement Plan,  Master Limited Partnership, Market Index Target Term Security , Oakmark Select Funds
Thanks greatly looking forward to your email

david ingram replies:
I have no good or bad knowledge about Stansbery and Associates. None of my clients deal with them to my knowledge.

From looking at their website, they seem to be a newsletter operation as mucyh as anything.  I have about 15 interviews with newsletter writers on gold (John Embry), oil, uranium (Martin Kafusa), silver (Sean Rahkimov) real estate (Ozzie Jurock), futures and commodities (Victor Adai), Resources in General (Elsworth Dickson, Publisher of Resource World)  etc at - mostly in the third column.

Two ethical people who specialize in selling securities, RRSPs, etc., to US citizens in Canada or Canadians in the US  are:

Mr Darrell Thompson
Blackmont Securities
Local    (416) 874-8007
LD        (866) 775-7704


Dan Walkow
Seabank Financial
White Rock
Local     (604) 541-9952
L D        (866) 541-9952
These two individuals and their companies have gone to the effort to get themselves registered just about everywhere so they can deal with a Candian in Florida or California or Nevada, etc.

Note that because of their specialty, they tend to deal with accounts in excess of $200,000

However, I am sure that both parties would welcome an exploratory call.