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This is the only negative reply I have received to the Bush satire i sent out.  I have over 100 stating how good it was. I did not and still do not think of it as racist. 

I thought long and hard before sending it.   I was more worried about offending my  Democrat clients. And, for the record, I would ike to see Hilary elected because I think she just might get a decent health system into the US.  I do hope that whoever does succeed Bush, has the balls to keep on with the war against terrorism no matter how much it inconveniences me.    However, I do think that the air travel security is done wrong.  I believe everyone getting on a plane should be handed a six inch knife rather than have their nail clippers taken away.  If everyone had a knife, there has to be enough ex marines on every plane to disarm any terrorists.

I finally did send the Bush Satire because I thought it had some real meat in it and would get my readers thinking.  About 13,000 people receiveed it and so far (knock on wood) I have dozens of positive comments and only one negative which I am including along with some good ones.  I intend this to be the last thing I  send on the topic.
The following reader took great exception.

sxxxx  axxxxxx wrote:

"you've made some countless dumb comments before but this one tops the list

you are a *censored*ing racist idiot and will probably be the cause your own demise"
Most replies were like the following:

"This speech is one of the best pieces of political satire I have read. I admit that I don’t spend alot of time with political satire because it is usually negative and ridiculous. However, as I read this speech I realized that this has all come from my mouth at some point, while debating world politics with an ignorant co-worker or relative. Thanks." AX WXXXXXX


"ingram, That was a good one man. Different approach! Different Angle!! Different message!!! Full of Truth. I loved the following: "you're too stupid to leave a city that's below sea level and has a hurricane approaching" "  Mxxxxx


Good one!

dxxxxxxxxxx  fxxxxxxxxxx

You made my day"

Fxxxxxx Hxxxxxx
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