Canadian working in US on student VISA 0- E2 Visa - E-5 visa - David Andersson Whatcom copunty E-5 project


I would like to set up a legal structure
to do business consulting work in the US.

I am canadian citizen attending  Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.  Currently, I work as a graduate student for the university on an F-1 VISA. 
Academically, I also have an MBA, Bachelor of Education and a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics.  Professional, I have gained approximately 7 years of professional experiences.


david ingram replies:

Of fthe top of my head you can NOT set up- a business structure to do what you want unless you put up the cash for an E2 or an E5 visa.  See Jan 1995 newsletter in top left hand box at for info on an E2 visa.

If you have $500,000 US to invest, you can buy a green card in Whatcom County by investing in a Senior's home in Bellingham.  Contact David Andersson at (604) 608-0818

What you likely need to do is obtain a TN as a management consultant.  However you will need a US or a Canadian business that you do not own to hire you.  They can then sell your services to various other organizations.

To get a management consultant TN visa, you have to prove that you have FIVE years experience in the field that you wish to consult in.