Capital Gains tax on sale of Real Estate holding - Rollover - Not likely

My question is: Canadian-specific

QUESTION: Hi this question is regarding capital gains tax.
My wife and I formed a numbered company with my parents and bought a holding property a few years back for $800,000. We sold it this summer for $1,600,000. We used the sale amount and re-invested it in a 1/3 share of a franchise hotel just being built.
My question is can we re-invest the capital gains and principal into a new entity without being taxed?
If not, what is the best route to go so that we get taxed the least?
My wife and I also just sold a condo(personal and not part of the company) we had bought a couple years ago for a $116,000 profit.
We are looking at about $516,000 in gains this tax year. please advise on how we can avoid paying as much tax as possible thanks.

david ingram replies:

The company owes capital gains tax.  There is no rollover provision in Canada at this time unless the property is expropriated for the public good by a level of government for a road, hospital, parking lot for a library or even a park.  

The $116,000 gain on he house is not taxable as described.

The only easy method of cancelling tax for your gains within the company would be to buy flow through shares or a mutual fund of flow through shares. 

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