Living in US - commuting to Canada -

To which country will I owe income taxes?If I pay taxes to Canada and the rate is higher than my US rate, is there a way to recover the difference?

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You will be taxable in Caanda first on any earnings earned in Canadabut if you are telecomuting the rest of the year, the US will havefirst claim for tax on the money earned in the US.  It would be handyif you could get your company to identify the split for you and issue aT-4 slip for the time worked in Canada and a second T-4 slip withotCanadian income tax deducted for the time you are working in the US.

The tax, CPP and EI you are pay to Canada will be a foreign tax crediton form 1116 of your US return. However, if the company withholds fulltax for a whole year when you only worked 40% of the time in Canda, youwill have to wait fro your Candian tax refund while having to pay tothe US and have cash flow problem.

There is no provision to get a refund if the tax is higher in Canada. However, depending on marital status, number of children, etc., the taxin the US for a single person without a mortgage is usually higher inthe unless you are living in a tax free state like Texas orFlorida.  If you are a sinlge wage earner in a US family with two orthree children and a big morgage, the tax is lower in the US.

However, we can average this out as well by rearranging affairs to makea Canadian mortgage tax dedcutible as well. See the November 2001newsletter at (top left hand box)
These older questions might help and others in the future will give yousome ideas.

I start working for a Canadian company next week.  I am living in Washington state and have legal resident status.  I am a Canadian citizen. Do I pay Canadian taxes only on the income earned?  Or do I pay both US and Canadian taxes?  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
david ingram replies:

You will file your Canadian return first and pay taxes to Canada. Then, as a US resident, you will report the money again and claim aforeign tax credit on form 1116 or your US 1040.  the foreign taxcredit will consist of the Federal and Provincial taxes plus the CPPand EI you paid.

You should not continue with BC Medical or have a BC driver's licenceanymore if you are moving to the US or already living there.

You must buy Washington State Blue Cross or its equivalent.  For BCmedical to be valid (even if you pay premiums or are working in thedaytime in BC and it is being paid by your BC employer), you must sleepin Canada. It is not good enough to be working full time in Canada andpaying full  taxes to Canada; you MUST live in Canada.  You can NOTkeep your green card AND BC Medical at the same time unless you file USform I-131 with US Immigration and move back to Canada to keep theCanadian medical alive and keep your green card.
This might help as well.

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Date:           Monday January 14, 2008
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I am a Canadian citizen with US resident status, working full time inCanada.

1.  Will my only tax paid, to both countries be paid to Canada throughpayroll tax?
2.  Do I have to file a US tax return?
3.  Am I eligable to pay a reduced tax rate to Canada?
4.  Investment company in Canada is refusing to allow me to set up apayroll RRSP deduction in which I am matched by the company I workfor.  Can they do this?
5.  If I am required to cancel my OHIP health coverage in Canada, am Ientitled to a tax reduction that would normally be designated to thatcoverage?


david ingram replies;

I assume that you are living in Detroit and working in Windsor orLiving in Bellingham and working in Vancouver or something to thateffect.

If  that is so, you can participate in a company pension plan butmatched RRSP contributions are difficult because the financial companyhandling it for your employer is not licenced to sell to or deal witha  non-resident of Canada .

1.   You will pay Canadian Income Tax, CPP and EI.  You will thenreport the same income to the USA on a 1040 and claim credit for thetaxes paid to Canada on US form 1116.  It is unlikely that you will owethe US more on the wages but you might if you have other investments inthe USA.

2.   YES

3.   NO

4.   As explained, the company is not licenced to deal with you as anon-resident.  I will give the names of two people who can work withyour company to set it up for you.

5.   NO  - You have to sleep in Ontario more than 153 days a year toqualify for OHIP.  You could live in Ontario for 155 days and the USfor 210 days and keep OHIP AND your US resident alien (green) cardalive. (Ontario is the only province with 153 days - all otherprovinces and all three territories require you to be there 183nights.) Therefore, Ontario is the only province that you can legallyarrange yiuor affairs to have both a valid Green card AND a validProvincial OHIP card).

This gives you the names of two people who can solve your RRSP problem.

Two ethical people who specialize in selling securities, RRSPs, etc.,to US citizens or green card holders in Canada or Canadians in the US are:

Mr Darrell Thompson
Blackmont Securities
Local    (416) 874-8007
LD        (866) 775-7704


Dan Walkow
Seabank Financial
White Rock
Local     (604) 541-9952
L D        (866) 541-9952
These two individuals and their companies have gone to the effort toget themselves registered just about everywhere so they can deal with aCanadian in Florida or California or Nevada, or an American in Ontarioor BC., etc.

Note that because of their specialty, they tend to deal with accountsin excess of $200,000

However, I am sure that both parties would welcome an exploratory call.

-I am currently living in Illinois.  I am about to come off ofmaternity leave from my Toronto company and I
intend to continue to work for them through the internet.  My USimmigration has not gone through yet.  Do I
 need to wait until I have US status to work or can I start rightaway since I'll be working only for my Canadian
david ingram replies:

You can telecommute. You will owe tax to the US NOT Canada.

You might want to send the returns here.

 This older question should help as well

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Hi David,

I am a TN visa holder working in Seattle, and my wife is on a TD visaand she is citizen of China. We are determined as non-resident toCanada.

Can she telecommute from the US, and providing software consultingservice to Canadian company? Is she allowed to work remotely whilebeing a TD visa holder?

Does she need to file taxes to CRA?

Thank you very much.

david ingram replies:

She is not supposed to take a job away from a legal US resident.

Telecomuting to Canada does not take a US job away and should not be aproblem. 

The Canadian Employer should not withold any Canadian tax either.

She does NOT owe tax to Canda if she provides all her services from theUSA.

She will / does owe tax to the US on the earnings and it should bereported on a schedule C on your joint 1040 US tax return.

She will also owe FICA (Social security tax) and should. send in formSE as well.

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This is not intended to be definitivebut in general I am quoting $900 to $3,000 for a dual country taxreturn.
$900 would be one T4 slip one W2 slipone or two interest slips and you lived in one country only (but werefiling both countries) - no self employment or rentals or capital gains- you did not move into or out of the country in this year.
$1,200 would be the same with onerental
$1,300 would be the same with onebusiness no rental
$1,300 would be the minimum with amove in or out of the country. These are complicated because of theback and forth foreign tax credits. - The IRS says a foreign tax credittakes 1 hour and 53 minutes.
$1,600 would be the minimum with arental or two in the country you do not live in or a rental and abusiness and foreign tax credits  no move in or out

$1,700 would be for two people with income from two countries

$3,000 would be all of the above andyou moved in and out of the country.
This is just a guideline for US /Canadian returns
We will still prepare Canadian only(lives in Canada, no US connection period) with two or three slips andno capital gains, etc. for $200.00 up.
With a Rental for $400, two or threerentals for $550 to $700 (i.e. $150 per rental) First year Rental -plus $250.
A Business for $400 - Rental andbusiness likely $550 to $700
And an American only (lives in the USwith no Canadian income or filing period) with about the same things inthe same range with a little bit more if there is a state return.
Moving in or out of the country orpart year earnings in the US will ALWAYS be $900 and up.
TDF 90-22.1 forms are $50 for thefirst and $25.00 each after that when part of a tax return.
8891 forms are generally $50.00 to$100.00 each.
18 RRSPs would be $900.00 - (maybeamalgamate a couple)
Capital gains *sales)  are likely$50.00 for the first and $20.00 each after that.

Catch - up returns for the US where we use theCanadian return as a guide for seven years at a time will be from $150to$600.00 per year depending upon numbers of bank accounts, RRSP's,existence of rental houses, self employment, etc. Note that thesereturns tend to be informational rather than taxable.  In fact, ifthere are children involved, we usually get refunds of $1,000 per childper year for 3 years.  We have done several catch-ups where the clienthas recieved as much as $6,000 back for an $1,800 bill and one recentlywith 6 children is resulting in over $12,000 refund. 

This is aguideline not etched in stone.  If you doyour own TDF-90 forms, it is to your advantage. However, if we put themin the first year, the computer carries them forward beautifully.
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