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Moving to Dubai

My husband has been offered a $ 200,000 US / year postion in Dubai and he is seriously considering. We presently live in Vancovuer and would still like to keep our Canadian resident status when we move to Dubai, since Dubai has no income tax, how much tax would he be charged in Canada, would it be provincial and federal both ?, I presently work in Vancouver but would be moving with him as his dependant, would that have any impact on our taxes in Canada, ?
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Import Car duties to Canada

David I have a question I hope you can answer. I represent a professional
Hockey player with the XXXXXXXXXXXX. This player might be traded to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
next season. I was wondering if he buys a new 2004 vehicle from XXXXXXXXXXXXX
how much will he have to pay in Canadian taxes when he moves there. Thanks
for your help. B XXXXXXl