UK citizenship, Canadian PR wants to live in US with boyfriend -

Hi David:

I am an british subject... canadian landed immigrant status.... I would like
to eventually move across the line to Blaine to live with my boyfriend... I
have written to you prior and you told me I have to first get my canadian
citizenship.. which I am working on. My question is this.... it could take
up to 18 months to get my canadian citizenship... do I have to wait til then
to move? Can I not start the process now? I plan on only living there a
couple years...also plan on keeping my job in Canada.. and going to school
in Canada.. just want to live there. Is there anyway of doing this before I
get my citizenship and how do I go about it?

Thank you for you reply.

P.S. You had said to me.. if I were to live in the states without papers...
I would have to return back for - was it 60 days? Does that mean 60 days in a
row... or 60 days throughout the year?

avid ingram replies:

In my last reply to you I mentioned that you had to live in Canada for 24
our of 60 MONTHS ( not days( to maintain your Canadian PR status.

There is no practical method of your getting permission to live in the
States if you intend to keep on working in Canada without getting married to
your boyfriend.

If you obtained a fiancée visa without getting married, it expires in 90

The only way for you to spend time in the US with your boyfriend without
getting married is to be there as a visitor which means that you would
continue to maintain a full residence, phone, light and heat, etc., in
Canada, and have a border kit which clearly showed you as a resident of

I could write a 100 pages on this and it would not likely answer your
question. You n need to sit down with someone like myself and learn the
rules for being a US visitor. There is NO visa available to just live there
and commute or to retire there. There ARE several visa possibilities that
might apply to a job in the US with permission to live there but nothing for
you to just live there with a boy friend. My fee is $400 Cdn for an hour.
Joe Grasmick - can also consult with you by phone. His fee
is $280.00 US paid in advance for 1/2 an hour. However, Joe is a member of
the American Immigration Lawyers Association and has umpteen more
qualifications than I do. He does not deal with the tax issues as well

Others you might try would be Terry Preshaw in Everett (also an AILA member)
or Greg Boos in Bellingham.

And so that you are not misled, I told you to get your citizenship because
it just plain makes sense to do so. It does NOT give you any more right to
live in the US unless you were applying for a Treaty NAFTA visa with the
intention of working in the US and NOT commuting to Canada.

Goto and click on the "Entering The US" section in the second
box down on the right hand side. It will give you an overview of the
different possibilities for visas, etc.


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