NR4 received in error


Hello. I moved back to Canada late in 2005 and duly advised my banks that I was once again a resident of Canada so that they could stop taxing me 10% each month off of my earned interest.

The banks goofed and both deducted 10% for one to three months and issued me an NR4.

Can I get this money back? What do I do with the NR4s? Can I indicate the taxes paid when I file my return?

thanks for your advice.


david ingram replies:

No problem - happens all the time -

Put the amount of interest received on schedule 4 of your T1 tax return and include the amount of tax deducted on the NR4 on line 437 (total income tax dedcuted) along with any other tax deducted.


Send in a paper copy and include copies of your NR-4 slips.