QUEBEC VERSUS NEW YORK - cross border motorcycle

I am a US citizen with permanent residence in Canada.  I would like to buy and insure a motorcycle in the US with my brother.  In New York two owners can register a motorcycle at once.  I maintain a part-time residentce in New York and still have my New York license (motorcycle).  Would it be legal to operate this bike in Quebec under these criteria?  In order to get a Quebec motorcycle license you must take a course, and I have already done that in New York....  Please let me know if you have a minute what you think.

david ingram replies:

I am amazed that I am answering this today BUT!

If you have a Quebec driver's licence and Quebec medical, you better get a Quebec motorcycle licence.

In addition, you have to pay duty to bring the motorcycle (driving or trailered) into Canada because you are a resident of Canada.

Do it right.  As the survivor of a couple of neat motorcycle accidents (one right on the border on top of a mountain at Ossoyos, BC), I can not encourage you enough to do it right.