american citizen wants to live in Canada


Is it difficult to reside in Canada if you are an American citizen?  Can you have a dual citizenship?  I want to know about the health care rules for such a person.
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david ingram replies;

It is substantially easier to immigrate to Canada from the US than from Canada to the US.  However, you still have to either qualify on your own  under a self-assessing point system (simialr to the system proposed and rejected in June by the US Senate),  get hired by a Canadian Company and they get a working visa for you, invest substantial sums of money $400,000 in a business as a rule for five years, OR marry a Canadian who sponsors you.

To do it yourself, answer the following:  - This is the self-assessment test for an individual to determine his or her
eligibility to immigrate to Canada without being sponsored by a spouse.

You can find out about Canadian Healthcare here:

Then goto and read the October 1995 newsletter in the top left hand box and then read the US/Caanda Taxation section in the second box down on the right hand side to learn about the tax forms a US citizen in Canda has to file.

When you have done all of that, if you still have questions, I do phone consultations for $400 Cdn (about $380 US) as you will find in the following. �