US CANADA Collecting CPP early

i was wondering if you knew if i could apply now to start my cpp as i will be turning 60 in nov/07-- i am now presently living in washington and working there.  i stopped working in canada in dec /2000. thanks you for your reply


david ingram replies:

You may apply to collect your Canadian CPP at age 60 whether youlive in the US or Canada   You will receive 30% less than if you started at 65. That workls out o about 6% less per year that you collect the pension early.

Apply online at

Personally, I elected not to take early CPP and have not applied now that I am 65.  My reasoning is that I do not need it now so if I can keep on contributing, it will only get larger and i can apply any time in teh next five years.  When i am not working, I owuld rather have the  larger amount than a smaller amount now for life.  If I die early, that is my loss but i would rather have 30% more five years from now tahn 30% less for the same ten years and then life.  I am going to live to 145 after all. �